ELICOS in Australia

Australia is in the top three destinations for students wanting to travel to an English speaking country to study English. The English language sector in Australia is highly regarded internationally and brings many economic, social and cultural benefits. 

Why students study ELICOS in Australia

International learners study for a wide range of reasons. Some view learning English as a hobby and want to enjoy travelling to countries and cultures where English is the predominant language. Others want to use their ELICOS course as a gateway to further study at a vocational college or university and need to improve their English to meet entry requirements for the course they want to study. There are also those who want to stay long-term in Australia and need to achieve a minimum IELTS score to be eligible for a permanent residency visa. 

ELICOS teachers in Australia

ELICOS teachers are expected to be supportive of students and create a positive learning environment . In addition, ELICOS teachers need to meet these requirements to teach in Australia: 
a) a degree or diploma of at least three years full-time or equivalent (teaching or other)
b) a suitable TESOL qualification or qualification that contains TESOL as a method
c) appropriate TESOL teaching experience or are formally mentored by a senior staff member with this experience

ELICOS courses in Australia

ELICOS courses include General English, IELTS, English for Academic Purposes, Pearson Test of English Academic and Cambridge. General English has six ability levels, whereas the other courses generally have two. Each level runs for either ten weeks or twelve weeks. The courses study the macro-skills - Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking - and they are designed to improve accuracy and fluency so that students can use English with great confidence.