School Operations | ELICOS Policies and Procedures

If you are a brand new school, ELICOS Consulting can help you get ready to become operational. If you are already established, we can help you look at ways to run things more smoothly and efficiently. We have over 25 years’ experience working in English Language schools, so we are in a position to successfully address any ELICOS operational issue.

We will provide you with a suite of all the CRICOS and ELICOS Policies and Procedures you need to meet the requirements of the National Code 2018 and the ELICOS Standards 2018 to support you in delivering quality education to overseas students.

One of the most important operational areas is ensuring your staff understand relevant policies and procedures and know how to implement them – so that you meet compliance requirements. Timely and correct inputting of data into the student management system; maintaining student hard copy files and records; opening, collapsing and combining classes due to numbers; effective counselling of students; and the setting up of an English-only policy are just a few areas to be monitored. ELICOS Consulting can liaise with you and your staff to provide advice and training in all of these areas.
Hiring Staff

Do you need help with choosing who to hire? ELICOS Consulting has vast experience in advertising for positions, reviewing applications, conducting interviews and hiring academic staff that are knowledgeable and qualified, but more importantly, who are enthusiastic and reliable. In applications, we know what information to look for, and in interviews, we know which questions to ask. It is widely accepted that the success of a school depends on the quality of the academic staff. ELICOS Consulting can help you choose the right people  – that will ensure your students are motivated and can reach their potential. 

Marketing for ELICOS is very different to marketing for the VET (RTO) sector. Some important questions that need to be addressed are:
  • What student nationalities should I focus on?
  • Which agents should I choose? Should they be on-shore or off-shore?
  • What are the most effective ways to quickly build a good school reputation?
  • How can I keep student complaints to a minimum?
We have hands-on experience in helping our clients to answer these questions quickly and successfully.

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