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ELICOS Consulting is your one-stop-shop for all things ELICOS. Whether you
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of services that allow us to offer you the support you need.

With over 25 years’ experience in this industry, we have helped clients all over
Australia. None of them have ever failed an ASQA on-site audit and all of them
can attest to the excellent service and high quality resources that we provide.

Setting up a
   new ElICOS School

There have been two major recent changes that have had a large impact on the ELICOS landscape. Below is a summary update on what has been happening.

1. Changes to the ELICOS Standards

In the new 2018 ELICOS Standards, several of the key elements have been rewritten. This means that at both the application and audit stages, ASQA (the regulatory body) will expect to see you incorporate these changes into your policies and procedures and in how you plan to run your day-to-day operations.

2. Changes to how ASQA will assess applications.

On 1 May 2018, ASQA announced that they will be “increasing scrutiny on new applications for registration from 1 July 2018”. This scrutiny will be on aspects like finances, and who is making the application. But the biggest change is that applicants will no longer have an opportunity to correct non-compliances prior to a decision being made on their application.

What does this mean?

With all of these changes occurring, it is now more important than ever to choose the right ELICOS consultant. ELICOS Consulting has the expertise and experience to ensure you get your application approved.

Support for Established
ELICOS Schools

Additions to scope

Looking to increase student numbers? One of the best ways is to offer a greater diversity of ELICOS courses. ELICOS Consulting has a wide variety of English courses that have been approved by ASQA. 

ASQA Audit

Do you have an ASQA audit coming up and want to ensure that your school has complied with all the Standards? ELICOS Consulting can conduct an on-site internal audit and prepare a compliance report that outlines any non-compliances and recommendations for addressing them.

Professional Development Workshops

Are you looking for professional development sessions for your teachers that are both effective and reasonably priced? We can cover any ELICOS topic, including:

Advanced IELTS methodology 
Task-based learning
Accuracy vs Fluency
Effective Writing
Public Speaking and Debating


Strongly advocate his services

Having worked with Murray during the setting up of an ELICOS English College I recommend Murray. His knowledge and professionalism throughout the whole process is one of his key attributes. Furthermore his attention to detail whilst overseeing each aspect of my school's ASQA application and audit was a critical success factor. I am happy to use Murray again and strongly advocate his services to any future clients.

George Marano The Institute for English Studies

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