Professional Development Workshops

Professional-DevelopmentAre you looking for professional development sessions for your teachers that are both effective and reasonably priced?

We can cover every ELICOS topic, including the following:

  • Motivating Students
    There are many pressures on an international student living in a foreign country.
    How important is it to reach each student individually?
  • Accuracy vs Fluency
    Every teacher knows that these two areas of study are at opposite ends of the spectrum. How can a teacher incorporate both of them successfully?
  • Task-based Learning
    Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) is the most common ESL methodology. How does Task-based Learning stack up?
  • Critical Thinking
    Students from many overseas countries come from an education system where they rote learn what the teacher says. How can a teacher encourage the development of critical thinking?
  • Effective Writing
    Even the best students sometimes ‘ramble’ when they write. What is the best way to write a coherent series of ideas?
  • Public Speaking and Debating
    People are often afraid to speak in public in their native language. How can students learn to be confident when expressing an opinion?